I've had a home page on the web since 1993, when I got my hands on a little-known piece of software from the NCSA called Mosaic. It didn't take me long to have my own web server running (the first public web server operating on the University of Guelph campus), on my shiny new office machine, a 486 running Slackware Linux and the CERN web server.

Although the advent of social media sites means anyone can make their stuff public, I still have an interest in building websites and running the behind-the-scenes stuff myself. So my home page continues, and gives me a little more flexibility in making the stuff that I'm most interested in available, and yes, this site runs on my own server located at our home, and was built old-school: in a plain text-editor.

‣ Spending my lunch listening to @eveandersson talk about making things accessible to people w/ disabilities #ACMWebinarAccess #timewellspent (3351 days ago)‣ RT @rands: I’m the problem: http://t.co/yF5PZW9VLp // Yup, b/c what did I do? Stopped at line 2 of the post and signed up for Workflowy. (3360 days ago)‣ Another #cmubuggy 2015 shot from this morning. #CMU http://t.co/qw3PTwyU9f (3379 days ago)

What's the word for...you know, the thing?


This will never get old...