about this site
This site was designed and written entirely in a text editor. No templates or "inspiration sites" were used; this is my own design. The colours came from using this tool. Although there is minimal programming, the site uses PHP running on the Apache web server, which, in turn, runs on a PC running Linux. Data for my booklog, blog and Twitter come from a MySQL database (Twitter info courtesy of the database that drives my ThinkUp install!). Flickr-photo-based sidebars use the FlickrBadgeLite code by Christian Heilmann.

This design was launched on October 12th, 2010, the first major overhaul of my site since September 4th, 2005 (thanks, Wayback Machine!) - it was definitely time!

I've tried to make this site as browser-independant as possible, and have tested it on 7 different browsers across four different platforms. Surprisingly, the only one to fail (and miserably so!) was Opera Mini for iPhone (Opera on Windows and Linux were fine). So don't use that one and you'll be fine. :-)

If you notice something horribly wrong, please feel free to send me a note - I take criticism well! Do please tell me which browser and platform you were using...IE6 users need not apply.

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