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I've been a geek for as long I can remember, even before I knew what that really meant. The desire to tinker with stuff comes from my Dad, who was always taking something apart or building amazing stuff with his Meccano or our Lego. As a result, I've always got something going, and yes, that can include obsessions of the moment that flare out pretty quickly, but some are definitely more long-term, and while computing and the internet are pretty pervasive, they *all* don't revolve around a computer.
the (digital) packrat
In February of 2005, I attended a talk given by Jim Gemmell on Gordon Bell's MyLifeBits project. It wasn't until the book (at right) came out that I started seriously exploring some of these concepts. I have always been something of a packrat, especially all things digital - probably part of the "this will probably be useful at some point" tinkerer's mentality - but making an effort to convert the physical bits of life to digital mostly came along with changes in technology: digital cameras, PDF options for statements, etc. Now, thanks to technology like NeatDesk, the FitBit, my iPhone, with its GPS and software and websites designed to help you track your daily life, it is getting easier and easier to do.
solar energy
This is a project that has lapsed a little (one look at the website will tell you that!), but I am still collecting the data, and an working on a more streamlined way to access, process and display the data. We had our system installed in June of 2005, so I have over five years of data. I am hoping to not only update the site and make it more interactive, but also do some interesting things with it, like correlate my data with weather data archived by a near-by weather station.
and more...
I'm always poking at something! The goal is keep this section updated as I do.
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